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I was scrolling through Facebook about a week ago, and on one of the groups I follow called “Wake Up World” there was an article on forgiveness. Even though I was really tired, I clicked on it. I continued to read one of the most incredible articles I have ever read to this day. It has completely changed my opinion on what it really means to forgive and let go. Inspired, I clicked on the author’s name, Nanice Ellis, to read more about her. I went to her website and after reading through most of her website, I decided to send her an email. I’m not sure what made me send her an email when I could have easily just gone to LinkedIn and found someone who would have made a decent interview. There was something different about Nanice. Something was pushing me to talk with her and ask her how she got to the point she was at in her life and in her career. Everything about what she had to say resonated with me. It is rare that someone shares such a spiritual outlook as you. I knew I would get insightful and relevant information from Nanice.

To my surprise, she enthusiastically agreed to talk with me. I was so excited. I haven’t actually ever been as excited to speak with someone as I was to speak with her. There are certain moments and opportunities in life that hold more weight than others- this was one of them. We interviews twice for about 45 minus each time. She answered my initial questions and then some. After both Skype interviews, I was (and still am) radiating inspiration and creativity. I l love this feeling, this is where I am the happiest. She told me about her childhood, teenage and very transformative early adult years of her life.

I interviewed Nanice for a couple of reasons. Not only were her very honest and intelligent views on subjects of interest of her also interests of mine, but I knew that her career was one that didn’t take the path most traveled. As it turned out, she didn’t take the “normal” college route. People who are passionate about holistic health and helping others (especially while transitioning towards and through change) tend not to seek education in the system we have created to educated youth and young adults today. Nanice is a Life Coach who helps people deprogram, make transitions and step into their dreams.

I always felt like the way we educated people, starting in elementary school, is backwards. Nanice agreed and we talked a lot about why we felt that way. She shared with me her insight on the education system today and reassured me that it is not wrong or abnormal to feel the way I do. Nanice shared with me her perspective on the educational system; she told me that she believes that “the program” starts when the child enters school for the first time. Children all over America are constantly being taught not to think for themselves. We are raised to think as a group- to have the same opinions, the same thoughts, the same lifestyles. Anything else, anything abnormal is looked down upon as wrong or foolish. We are constantly searching for self-worth through the approval of others. This creates what, we concluded as, a “worthiness program”. In this program, we are rewarded for following along.

I have always felt that when I started school, I was not pushed to reach my highest level of creativity. I think that the active, creative mind is something pure, organic and raw. In one complexity, it is the most basic and also most complex version of an individual. When I am creatively engaged, I am my most genuine and most powerful self. This is where I find happiness, self worth and inward love. When I think of a future career, I picture this feeling. One where all my thoughts and words and passions are fully engaged and able to run about in my head, heart and life. Now, what career will best suit this part of me? I don’t know. It’s hard to settle with something that sounds “just okay” and I don’t think I should have to. I don’t think anyone should have to do that. Life is too good, too fast.

With that, I would LOVE to travel the world and help people of all ages see the infinite amount of power they have within themselves. There is no reason to feel weak or afraid. There is no reason to feel as if ‘one day’ you will be happy. Happiness is today. Joy is today. Love is today. It is a choice and a commitment. Life is sad, yes, but it is a beautiful awkward sadness. I feel so lucky to be a part of this beautiful, awkward sadness and share this joinery with the people I love and cherish. I see it as such a blessing. A beautiful curse. It is encounters like ones with Nanice that give my life direction and remind me that is is truly a gift to see the bigger picture regarding the world we live in and that there is nothing at all wrong with following your dreams. As Nanice said, “Dreams are meant to be followed, that’s why we have them.”

2 thoughts on “The Worthiness Program

  • November 8, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I think it is great that you were able to contact Nanice. I agree with you that finding your true passion can be extremely difficult. But if we keep and open mind and are open to new experiences, I believe that we will be able to realize what truly makes us happy.

  • December 11, 2014 at 2:16 am

    I’m so glad you contacted her. Reaching out, asking questions, and seeking to learn and grow are extremely important.


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