Richmond Streets

It is a deep hope of mine to one day – or many days – in the future, Richmond will once again see this many people in the RVA community come together for an event. It is so great to see so many people in downtown Richmond out on these streets, which in the last couple decades have become an area to stay away from. I hope there will be some sort of event, big or small, that may bring people back to support our great city.


Richmond Convention Center… Round #2!

Studio 23 was giving away free Richmond map tote bags as log as you posted a photo to Instagram or tweeted with the hashtag #PrintRVA. Neat way to bring people in!   
  Not at the convention center, but this was a cool storefront I found while walking near Carver on my way to the final race. Perfect theme for the UCI! I kinda want it in my room to be honest…