A Party Debate

In Monday’s class, you and your classmates will debate the best format for our class party to take next week. You will be assigned to one of three group positions (even if you feel more strongly about another option, you MUST argue your position to the best of your ability; I will assign groups in class)

Group One: We should all chip in $5 (or some other number) for pizza and soda.

Group Two: We should have a potluck where each person brings in something small for the group (with a sign up sheet)

Group Three: Dr. Logan should just bring us a few bags of candy (the only option in her budget)

Preparation: Your group will have ten minutes to plan your course of action; you will need to generate reasons and evidence for the strength of your plan and, most importantly, you will need to ORGANIZE those reasons and evidence effectively. One group member should serve as a scribe who outlines your team’s position.

Presentation: Each group will have three minutes to outline their argument; as you listen to the other groups, make sure to take notes about potential flaws in their argument. Your presentation must feature at least two speakers. 

Rebuttal: After each group presents, you will have five minutes in your group to discuss any challenges or rebuttals you want to make. You will have one minute total to present those challenges, and any group you challenge will have up to a minute to respond.

Happy debating!


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