Diagnostic Essay (Due 9/2)

Essay Prompt: Should we always tell the “whole story”? Many cultural traditions tell us that lying is wrong, immoral, or sinful. Is complete honesty something we should strive for? Is the whole truth even possible to know? Write a college-level, argumentative essay in response to these questions. You must use evidence to support your reasoning, which can include personal experience, testimony, observations, and documented outside sources.

Submission Guidelines: Submit your essay BEFORE class on Friday, September 2nd, using Assignment Box (for this first assignment, you submit to Box instead of Blackboard because the department will be conducting assessment on essays). Follow these instructions to upload on Assignment Box successfully.

Grading: The diagnostic essay will not be graded on the basis of quality, but it WILL be graded for completion. This assignment counts in the “Small Assignment” portion of your final grade.

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