Participation Portfolio Round Two

As with participation for the first half of the semester, you’ll be making a case for yourself with a memo, using the three concrete goals that you designated for yourself in October.

Your memo, which should be a formal email to me (subject line: Participation), should include an opening where you make a strong case for yourself as a class participant, one paragraph each devoted to your three goals, and a conclusion that expresses any goals for our second semester together. This memo is due by Friday, December 9th, but can be submitted any time before then. If you format properly and are extensive with your evidence, you will receive full marks (10 points) for this assignment. As with the 1st half, I will deduct points for excessive absences.

The Beginning: Please email me your goals by Friday, October 27th using our formal email etiquette; once I agree to them, you should start keeping track of your progress so that you can submit your memo at the end of the semester.

Possible options (please, design your own!)

If I’m nervous about speaking in class . . . ·       I’ll prepare one comment about the homework before the session and share it from my notes.

·       I’ll discuss strategies for jumping into conversation with Dr. Logan

·       I’ll volunteer to read a passage

·       I’ll let the class know when I agree with someone else’s point

If I’m willing to talk but don’t have much to say . . . ·       I’ll practice supporting a classmate’s comment with textual evidence

·       I’ll try to build on a classmate’s point

·       I’ll ask questions or contribute thoughts that aren’t yet fully formed

If I get easily distracted by technology . . . ·       I’ll plan to turn my cell phone off and put it in my bag before I enter class

·       I’ll try taking notes with a pen and paper so I don’t lose myself in the Internet

·       I’ll make more of an effort to follow the conversation in class

If I get tired in class . . . ·       I’ll plan to be more protective of my sleep schedule so I come to class more alert

·       I’ll move to a new seat, introduce myself to someone new, take notes with a bright pen, or bring coffee to stay energized!

If I often feel unprepared in class . . . ·       I’ll become more familiar with Rampages and check our class account daily

·       I’ll prioritize keeping textbooks, paper, pens, and anything else I may need in an easily accessible place

·       I’ll keep more detailed assignment notes

·       I’ll ask a classmate if they want to be study partners

If I already contribute to class a lot! ·       I’ll challenge myself to move with the flow of conversation, adding to classmate’s points rather than changing the subject

·       I’ll start to make comments that encourage further discussion by raising a question or suggesting a possible debate

·       I’ll support my ideas more effectively through textual evidence or referring back to an earlier point in the conversation

·       I’ll get to know someone new


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