Participation Portfolio

Participation Portfolio

UNIV 111

(worth 10% of final semester grade)

Due Friday, October 14th


Name: __________________

  1. Meeting with me during scheduled office hours (worth 2 points)

Date: __________________________

Dr. Logan’s Signature _______________________

2.  Brief paragraph about Cabell Library Tour visit (now offered virtually; you can go on your own time!); describe one resource you learned about on the tour and include certification from library staff (worth 2 points)

3.  Memo describing your strategies for active class participation; when were you at your most effective as a contributor to class? Where could you stand to improve for the second half of the semester? (worth 6 points; 3 for self reflection and 3 for my in class observations)

A completed portfolio with observable in-class participation should earn the full 10 points for this assignment. For the first half of the semester, each student gets two, no questions asked absences to use at their discretion (you are, however, responsible for any work you miss during your absence, and this policy does NOT extend to peer review sessions). I will deduct a full point from your portfolio for each class you miss after the second, and I will also deduct points for excessive tardies that disrupt me and your classmates.

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