Unit One Peer Review

Unit One Peer Review Worksheet

(Note: I will hand out hard copies of this worksheet in class Monday, September 26th).

Author Name:

Peer Reviewer Name:

Author, please list any specific questions or issues that you would like your reviewer to address:

Reviewer, please read the author’s paper carefully, then answer the following questions:

  1. What is the author’s lens (i.e. the image or object that frames the narrative?) How does the lens connect to the author’s arrival at VCU?
  1. What is the author’s narrative strategy? That is, how does he or she arrange the story? What kind of chronology or order do you notice?
  1. Where does the author use especially evocative detail? What does this detail help you understand?
  1. What have you learned about the author and VCU or, more broadly, about education and identity after reading this essay?
  1. Is there a moment where you feel confused by the story or the conclusion the author reaches? Mark it with a question mark.
  1. Are there moments where you would like more detail about an event, person, or place? Mark it with a star.
  1. Finally, note three things you would most recommend for improvement of the essay. Try to avoid notes like “double-check your spelling” in favor of “spend more time developing your conclusion” or “re-write the introduction to increase readerly suspense.”


___ This essay is 750-1000 words.

___ This essay has a creative title.

___ This essay cites any outside sources it uses (N/A if no outside sources)

___ This essay has been proof-read effectively.

What If?

If you have time at the end of your peer review consultation, consider playing the following game. “What if” suggestions are not meant to make the essay “better”; instead they are meant to experiment with different strategies that an essay might adopt.

  1. What if you re-ordered the chronology of the essay (so that a major event happens in flashback or you jump between timeframes)?
  2. What if you flipped the beginning and end of the story?
  3. What if you wrote your narrative as a letter to someone particular?
  4. What if your story suggested a different major reflection?

Peer Review Partners


  1. Skyler and James
  2. Charlie and Holly
  3. Taylor and Cole
  4. Carol and Nick
  5. Alyssa and Marin
  6. Xan and Sydnee
  7. Jalen and Kara
  8. Genevieve and Tatyanna
  9. Candace and Sid
  10. Thi and Emily
  11. Elena and Walker


  1. Ruoqiong and Tina
  2. Kiana and Jessie
  3. Kimia and Ahnecca
  4. Alex and Kara
  5. Kyle and Nia
  6. Rastin and Julie
  7. Erin and Keene
  8. Phillip and Shanelle
  9. Arianna and Shedavia
  10. Eleanor and Sara
  11. Breanna and Cole


  1. Joy and Lauren
  2. Morgan and Tiffany
  3. Ben and Charlotte
  4. Alex, Collins and Mikala (C reads M, M reads A, A reads C)
  5. Drew and Anna
  6. Chris and Miranda
  7. Lee and Rae
  8. Olivia and George
  9. Caitlin and Kevin


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