Group Presentation Rubric

Assignment Rubric

Note: except in extenuating circumstances, group members should receive the same grade for the presentation. You will receive an independent two points for your memo, and you can use that assignment to let me know if your group faced circumstances that should result in separate grades for members.

  3-Excellent 2-Good 1-Needs Improvement

(3 points)

Group introduces the source by demonstrating careful outside research into the source’s context. They also suggest the significance of this contextual material. Group effectively introduces the source, although they may ignore one or two important contextual elements or demonstrate only limited outside research. Group offers only superficial contextual information with no outside research.
Summary, Analysis, Synthesis

(3 points)

Group is strategic in their selection of segments from each text and can clearly explain how their source and Just Mercy inform each other. Group references specific passages from to explain the source’s significance. They draw some connections to Just Mercy, but these connections are predominantly comparison and contrasts. Group summarizes their source effectively; they may attempt analysis of the source but the connections to Just Mercy are connected only to plot or summary of content, not close reading.
Audience Interaction

(2 points)

  Group engages the audience with carefully chosen portions of their text and Just Mercy. They ask questions that encourage the audience to consider the relationship between the two sources and the larger significance of that relationship. Group engages the audience with questions—and perhaps with some materials—but the questions are broad or vague.
Group Dynamics

(2 points)

  Group members listen carefully to one another and reference and build off peers’ comments and ideas. Every group member is given a chance to participate in the presentation, but interactions among group members are limited.


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