Individual Presentation

The basics: a 3-5 minute lectio divina, using any two sentences from any class WRITTEN text of your choosing.

What’s in a lectio divina? Four steps, as taken from Harry Potter and the Sacred Text’s Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile:

  1. Narrative: what is happening in your two sentences? Where do they come in the story or essay and what is their significance?
  2. Allegory (or ANALYSIS): what words, images, or ideas jump out at you as you read? Why are they important? What connections can you draw between these lines and the larger text or other texts we’ve read?
  3. Reflection: How does this text speak to your own life? Does it remind you of any experiences or feelings?
  4. Invitation: What does the text call us to DO? How are we inspired by the text?

For some seriously good examples of lectio divina, check out any episode between 1 and 6 in HPAST (the first six chapters of HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

The requirements: If you can walk us through your lectio divina practice, demonstrating preparedness and an ability to talk to your classmates, you will earn full credit (10 points) for this assignment. Your individual presentation memo is, as always, worth 2 points, and is due the class period after your presentation to me via email. Keep track of the schedule here.

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