Unit One Short Assignments

Rather than ongoing reading responses for Radioactive and “Defending Walt Whitman,” our two primary texts for Unit I, you will need to contribute two short assignments to group conversation: one lectio divina and one piece of context research. I recommend contributing these two assignments on separate class days.

Your lectio divina sentences should be posted on Rampages prior to your presentation. Your context research should be posted on Rampages by midnight the night before class. You can select one of the terms recommended above or choose your own from the reading; no matter the term, your post (about 250 words) should 1. give some background on the term; 2. explain how you researched it and made sure to locate reliable information; 3. describe its importance to the reading; and 4. Cite at least one source that you used in your research.

All short assignments for UNIV 112 will be graded for both completion and quality on a scale of “excellent” (3 points), “satisfactory” (2 points), and “needs improvement” (1 point). At the end of the first half of the semester, I will average your short assignment points together.

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