Source Reports

Source Reports

Due Monday, March 20th, and Friday, March 24th

Assignment Overview: Write a one-page (8.5×11) paper explaining how you found a specific text that you would like to analyze in Paper Two. Evaluate that source’s credibility, and summarize its argument.  Put your name in the top left hand corner and list the author’s name and the full citation information of the piece you’re summarizing; set margins at 1 inch, spacing at single, and font at 12 pt.  Do not exceed a page in length.

Finding a Source: You may choose to analyze any argument that you find interesting and relevant to your controversy.  While you are not required to find this source in a particular venue (magazine, newspaper, website, etc.), you must evaluate the credibility of the source and its venue.

Specifics: This research summary must include four sections:

In the first section of your summary, identify your research question and explain how the source is relevant to goals of your paper.

In the second section of your summary, explain what resource (database, search engine, aggregation software, etc.) you used to find this source.  Also, explain how you used this resource.  Which, if any, database did you use? What keywords were most effective? If your initial search produced too many results, what strategies did you use to refine your results?

In the third section of your summary, explain whether or not and why you believe that this is a credible source.  Use your CRAAP method; Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose (Objective).

Consider three possible factors: the author, the publisher, and the text.  Is the author an authority in this area?  Does the author write in a credible way (without inflammatory language, providing lots of sources to show research, referencing recent and relevant information)?  Is the publisher (website, magazine, newspaper) respected by a certain community?  Does the publication (website, magazine, newspaper) appear respectable/believable and why?  Does the text include elements that indicate careful research, such as: the citation of credible sources; the careful presentation of evidence; explanation of where a reader can learn more about this evidence?  Does the text argue in an apparently responsible manner?

In the fourth section of your summary, offer a concise but thorough summary of the position this source is advocating. Stay as close to the text as possible, quoting the author’s exact words at times to tie both you and your readers to the original text itself or citing the specific details if your “text” is not language-based—cite page numbers for any quotations in parentheses after the quote (just the page numbers; no pp. or p.). If you have chosen to analyze a non-print source, describe the relevant components of the argument (the images, the music, etc.)  Your aim is to hand over to your readers your understanding of WHAT this text is arguing for. Phrases such as “Smith says/notes/states,” or “according to Bell,” etc. will help you designate what is called intellectual property. You will not have room to cover all the points an author makes, so you will need to synthesize the information for us; tell us what position the text is advocating, and then offer quotes or other evidence from the text itself to demonstrate (to show us) that the author is arguing what you say s/he’s arguing. Do not offer your own comments, opinions, or arguments about what the text says, and do not offer a rhetorical analysis of the writing. Stick to content: What is the author saying in this text? What position is s/he advocating?

Submission: Your source reports must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document on Blackboard prior to class. The reports will earn you completion points for Paper Two, and I will grade them on a ten point scale for your short assignment grade.

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