What Are We Feeding Animals – Response


While watching What Are We Feeding Food Animals, a lot of it did not surprise me.  One that completely took me off guard was the first topic: What We Feed.  The first meal staple mentioned for these animals, antimicrobials, antibiotics, and synthetic hormone, did not surprise me.  The three next ones though were jaw dropping for me.  These three food staples are: other animals that have died within process, animal waste, and waste from industrial processes.  While listening to Keeve explain these food sources further, made my stomach turn in all disgust.

I do not understand how this is not publicized more within our country.  Surely, what is being fed into their stomachs, does not only affect their bodies, but ours as well.   the lack of public and easy information is alarming, and has made it more clear how much control these large food companies have over us.

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