ReEstablish Orientation

On Wednesday September 3rd, Kelly, Cathryn, Jason, Haley, and I, met with Kimberly to go over material in the ReEstablish Richmond orientation.  Within this hour long orientation, she presented that their are four programs within ReEstalbish Richmond, which include the following: housing, agriculture, transportation, and job preparedness.  We also discussed that Bhutan, Iraq, Burma, and Cuba, were the four main countries the refugees are from, that are in this program.  We also discussed that most of these individuals are LEP (Limited English Proficiency) and ESL (English Second Language).  We were informed that this non-profits focus is on “lovingly and patiently sharing information.”  We learned that that we need to be a tour, not a case manager, and to be aware of culture that we our selves have, along with the culture the refugees have.  It was in total, a really great meeting, that gave a clearer idea of what our team will be doing.  On Sunday, we hopefully will hear from Kimberly about future dates.

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  1. Bonnie Boaz October 9, 2014 8:39 pm  Reply

    What kind of information do you “lovingly and patiently share” with clients? This was the first meeting with Kimberly? (You say Sept 3, so I assume it is).
    Try to blog about your work as soon as you complete it so that you can give a fuller picture of your impressions.

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