ReEstablish Richmond – Baker’s Crust

This past week, my group and I met with Kimberly to help with the ReEstablish fundraising event, hosted by Baker’s Crust.  Our job was to go to tables and let the individuals who were eating their meals know that 15% of their check can be given to ReEstablish Richmond, as long as they told their server.  We also advertised the handmade purse that was the grand prize for the raffle ($5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets).  It was a great outcome, with more people there than expected.  Baker’s crust even said that it was one of the busiest nights they’ve ever had on a Wednesday.


Also, I talked to Kimberly, and told her that the purse that was in the raffle could be sold on Etsy.  She told me that she had been wanting to sell some of the textiles that the refugees were making, but hadn’t thought about Etsy before.  She liked the idea a lot though, and wants to work with me next semester to possibly further explore this idea.


I’m not sure what I fully thought about her proposal.  At one point, I was excited because I think it would very much benefit the refugees, by helping them learn how to run a business, how to maintain a bank account, and give them a sense of pride.  However, I feel that her words were half empty.  Also, considering how incredibly rocky this semester has been with ReEstablish Richmond, I’m not sure if I want to work again with the non-profit in January.

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