Group Formation Project Phase I

Fear in a Hat

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One of our team building exercises was called Fear in a Hat.  For this challenge, each individual tore out a piece a paper, and wrote down something they feared would happen in the group, to be later picked out of the hat by someone within the group, and be read anonymously.  The fears that were written on these small pieces of paper were: distribution, commitment, slacking, communication, and not get everything done.  For distribution, we agreed that open communication was necessary in order for everyone to feel that they were given an equal amount of work as someone else.  For commitment, we believe that everyone should be upfront of what they can and can not do.  As an example, if an individual agrees to meet the group at a certain time, then the individual should follow up on their agreement and not flake.  For slacking, the conclusion amongst us was that we will keep each other motivated to continue working hard.  Lastly, for not getting everything done, we all agreed to not procrastinate, and plan in advance to make sure we are not rushing the process.


Thought & Action

My roles include Thought & Action.  Thought because I do take a considerable amount of time digesting a potential plan and idea, trying to find all the loopholes.  Action because I immediately try to execute a plan accurately as well as efficiently.  I Also am 90% contributing ideas within the group, and definitely not sitting watching the show

Jason (people oriented/action oriented)

Haley (thought oriented/action oriented)

Cathy (people oriented/action oriented)

Kelly (people oriented/action oriented)

Three Team Building Exercise Ideas

1.  Cake Decoration – This plan focuses on baking and decorating it.  After baking the cake, the team will decorate it, coming up with designs that represent our projects, and what we hope to take out of the project.  Any materials are welcomed, but is preferred to use frosting and other edible toppings to make the cake edible.

2.  Try Something New – The team goes to a group to a restaurant that they’ve never been to before.  Each person orders a meal that they have never had before, whether it is something that they have always wanted to try, or something that they have tried to steer from. This would allow the individuals within the group to be pushed out of their comfort zone, and be supported by their peers.

3.  The Mine Field – “The idea behind this exercise is to improve team members’ trust, their relationship, and to communicate in a more effective way. You will need an open space such as an empty room or hallway in which you will distribute ‘mines’ that are placed haphazardly around the area. The ‘mine’s can be cones, balls, bottles etc. Team members are paired into teams of two. One team member will be blindfolded and the other can see and talk, but is not allowed to enter the field or touch their partner. The challenge is for the blindfolded person to walk from one side of the field to the other, avoiding the mines by listening to the verbal instructions of their partners. (Optional: Have more than 1 pair walking through the mine simultaneously, so the difficulty of focusing and listening to the right instructions increases)” (

Team Building Exercises

Meeting at Monroe Campus Academic Learning Center and Westminster Presbyterian Church, we set out to work on one of each member’s team building exercises.

Poker Deck (Cathy)


In teams of two, each team had to build the tallest freestanding structure with the limited amount of resources and time given.  The teams had 15 minutes to achieve this goal and was only allowed to use 15 playing cards a pair of scissors.  After building the towers, the teams observed what decisions they made that resulted in their success or failure, and tried to figure out how they could improve if given another chance.

Drawing Charades (Haley)

Jason wanting to draw, the rest of us sat in a group thinking of a food for him to try to guess and draw.  After coming up with an idea.  We gave hints such as the food being a circle, with another circle within it, with many circles within the inner circle.

Mine Field (Meaghan)

After this exercise, we definitely learned how to trust each other.  Great communication was key.

Mine Field – YouTube

Candy Exchange (Kelly)


Each of us, while grabbing a piece of candy, telling what we hoped to get out of our teamwork for ReEstablish Richmond.  After discussing each individual’s hopes, we discussed the best way to achieve each person’s goal.

Balloon Exercise (Jason)

Only using our heads, the team worked together to keep the balloon off the ground.

Balloon Exercise – YouTube

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  1. Bonnie Boaz September 22, 2014 5:37 pm  Reply

    I love the videos of the exercises! I told Jason that I’ve had far more complex minefields from students — including bikes, tables, overturned chairs, boxes, etc! So Jason’s was a piece of cake!

    Wonder why the photos are so tiny on this page? Is this the theme? If I click on the photo it is larger. But images really make a blog more appealing, and if you images are so small, they don’t have the same effect. Think about trying a new theme.
    Fears should be fears of working in a group — not spiders and drowning! : ) That’s why the goals grow out of the fear discussion.
    Belbin breaks his roles down into 9 specific roles — you guys stopped watching the power point too soon : /

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