Futuring My Dream


My primary text for my inquiry project, “Happy Cow”, provides app users with menus, pictures, addresses, hours, and reviews of restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options near to them. Though “Happy Cow” is super helpful for vegetarians and vegans , I predict that in the future “Happy Cow” will not only benefit veggie people, but people with other dietary needs/restrictions. The app could have statements from the chef, or video streaming of the kitchens to demonstrate how they are making your food safe. There are also currently apps that scan and identify ingredients, and “Happy Cow” in the future may perhaps include an ingredient scanner for pre packaged foods and the meals on your plate.

I know Starbucks has an app that allows you to order your drink and pay on your phone before you even arrive at Starbucks, basically like Uber, except coffee and tea. “Happy Cow” may very possibly possess this feature to reserve a table, order their meal, and pay before you even arrive at the restaurant. That way your meal is ready for you when you arrive, and you have a place to sit and eat and enjoy your diet specific meal. I’m assuming that phones will be very different even in the near future and whatever becomes of “Happy Cow” will adapt to what the iPhone 15 has to offer.

My hope with the progression of this app is that there will be food equality one day in all restaurants, and that everyone with any sort of diet will have options, not limitations. I know that eating out is a frivolous spend, but food should not be hard to come by for anyone who is willing to spend their money at a business. I hope that “Happy Cow” will only come short of actually being able to spontaneously produce the food in front of its users to sample.



In simplest form, for my Inquiry Project I want to start studying the everyday necessity of eating and how we receive our food. The app Happy Cow’s ultimate goal is to achieve a meat free meal for someone. I hope that this app contributes to the movement of making not only vegetarian and vegan options available everywhere, but options to people with all diet limitations. Eating is a daily part of everyone’s lives, and there is no reason just because someone is not an omnivore, or has a medical disorder, should they be limited at any establishment that they are choosing to spend their money at. Ideally, Happy Cow will no longer serve a purpose in the future because everyone will be guaranteed a meal specific to them anywhere.




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