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The Wisdom and Urania conversation continues! I was intrigued by the mention of Wisdom and Urania in book 7 mostly because I thought it was implied that Wisdom and Urania are part of the universe before God was because of the implication that it is an old and timeless factor in our universe, but then I realized that they are just a part of universe that God created.

For some reason it was really hard for me to understand that and to differentiate them from being something that God created to something that preceded God (which probably won’t be mentioned by Milton). Something I considered is that even though Wisdom and Urania don’t precede God, they certainly precede humanity — something I continue to find interesting while thinking of the story of Genesis and how humanity has become whatever it is we have become.

I’ve mentioned the movie Mother! before and how it fascinating to watch because of how they retell the story of Genesis but with a play on perspective. After thinking about the role Wisdom and Urania play I’m interested in finding out if there’s a possibility that they’ve been utilized for creation before. Like, if God has worked on other “humans” because surely Wisdom and Urania haven’t just remained obsolete until the creation of the Earth… right?

At the end of Mother!  the audience gets teased with the idea that God works through the story of Genesis as a trial and error process and recreates the garden and the people all over again while trying to get the story right and (very possibly) trying to have the humans be intrinsically good. I hope this isn’t a complete reach, but it is in fact where my thought process led me when wondering about it “all”.

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  1. I love that ending! By playing with the idea that God keeps editing his creation of mankind, it totally fights Milton’s idea that God purposely made man curious and disobey him.

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