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Hello friends, I’ve been tasked with completing my online art history class over this break and I’ve been missing Milton! I’m at the point in the Art History class where art has begun to be centered around Christianity. Watching the christianity spread and develop through the art is super fascinating and interesting when you consider everything else art was inspired by up until that point (multiple gods, women, cattle, real boring weird stuff).

I came across Gislebertus’ “Eve” from a 12th century church that no longer stands. The piece was at the entrance to remind those visiting the risk of sinning. There are theories about her pose here. Some think her resting her head on her right hand shows contemplation for what she is about to do (as her left hand holds the fruit), some also say she’s the serpent herself and she’s on her way to convince Adam to eat of the fruit. Crazy stuff!


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  1. I think Eve as the serpent herself would be very interesting — would that mean Eve had fallen, similar to Satan? Or that Satan and Eve were on in the same?

    I’m going to assume it’d be the former (because it’s more interesting to me), but it would just reinforce the concept that the line between the holy and human isn’t as distinct as we may think.

  2. I definitely can see the argument for the second theory- especially because it seems like the serpent is almost beckoning her to go to Adam with the fruit. Either way this is a very interesting depiction especially if it emphasizes the period between Eve’s and Adam’s falls.

  3. Woman being scene as deceptive and an incarnation of the serpent seem to have been popular and a means to point fingers at the woman. Milton’s depiction of Eve appears to be more like the first one which is a bit more progressive. Eve is seen as curious and genuinely wondering what she could achieve by eating the fruit. It is interesting that this piece seems to behold both of these depictions of Eve.

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