Did anyone else feel like crying after yesterday’s class? Reading the last lines of Paradise Lost and thinking about Adam and Eve being led off the cliff from Paradise then turning around to find themselves completely alone (not with the angel, but they aren’t alone… I guess Providence is with them) made my eyes water up. It’s so beautiful and so sad because they’re literally all alone in the world and they have all this horrible stuff coming to them, but they have each other.

I wonder if they have hope. I wrote down in my notes that I perhaps hope is something better for before the fall, because after the fall surely it wouldn’t be used to comfort people but instead make them lazier — now I’m not so sure. Before the fall it probably was somewhat tied into the love Adam and Eve had for each other, but they did have a need for hope. Then again, it is not going to be helpful after the fall now that mankind just sucks over all. It seems that hope really does sit between a fallen world and a world regained. I used to think it was silly to keep hope in Pandora’s Box, but really, it’s something that could have caused the fall before Satan.


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  1. I feel like they have to have at least a little hope. Adam’s lines in book 11: “Farr less I now lament for one whole World
    Of wicked Sons destroyd, then I rejoyce [ 875 ]
    For one Man found so perfet and so just,
    That God voutsafes to raise another World
    From him, and all his anger to forget (11. 874-878)”
    make me think that even though Adam knows there are going to be hardships in front of them, he also knows that there will be good aspects to their fallen life as well.
    I agree that it is pretty sad and I also don’t think that I ever really felt anger towards Adam and Eve for the fall of humanity. I think one of the major factors of being human is that we always make mistakes but we are also try to better ourselves when we do make mistakes.

  2. I was tearing up so much after class! The ending is so touching to me, mainly because it portrays the feeling of “closing the door” on a chapter of life so well. It’s an incredibly mixed emotion and every time I read that passage, I just feel it in my heart so much. :’) But that being said, to respond to your post, I think that Adam and Eve do have hope but it’s one of many on a roller coaster of emotions that they go through in the last couple books.

  3. Just popping in here to say that I was definitely getting emotional; I felt like we were having a straight up Mr. Feeny moment. This class has been super influential in so many ways academically and personally, shifting the way I approach literature and see the world, which I believe is how every good English course should be. Maybe I’ll write a closing blog post and get sappy about it.

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