Personal Dynamic Media Nugget

I reflected upon the reading Personal Dynamic Media  and remain amazed. It was not long ago when our world was changed. Some of the younger participants in this course may not appreciate some of the technological changes as much as some of the faculty. To contextualize without a laundry list of change, simply examine everything you do on a computer and then imagine how it must have been done without one. And it is likely that your solution is much better than the historical reality.


As we bring this course to a close, I think of my daughter’s journey into the future. She is moving into seventh grade and has, for several years, used computers and technology in ways I still do not. She has been saving documents in the cloud and performing group revisions through that cloud. She has created presentations that make my Power Point or Prezi jobs look lame. She has made movies to demonstrate her knowledge of history. She sends notes to her teachers in class and late at night asking for clarity. All of this is natural – so much so, that when she asks me for some kind of help, her vernacular indicates that she thinks I am on the same plane as she. I am not.


These technological changes were not modifications or tweaks but radical, serious, life and world changers. I hope the students in this course work hard enough to make substantive changes in their fields of study, to benefit all of us.

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