Nugget 3

“In such a future working relationship between human problem-solver and computer ‘clerk,’ the capability of the computer for executing mathematical processes would be used whenever it was needed. However, the computer has many other capabilities for manipulating and displaying information that can be of significant benefit to the human in nonmathematical processes of planning, organizing, studying, etc. Every person who does his thinking with symbolized concepts (whether in the form of the English language, pictographs, formal logic, or mathematics) should be able to benefit significantly.”

This section really spoke out to me because it really shows how far we have come since the 60’s regarding computers. Back then they dreamed of having a device that would help them with mathematics and science, and now almost everyone has a computer in their house that is capable of such things. Computers are actually becoming absolete because now we have tablets and smartphones that can do almost everything that a computer can do. A 10 year old could google and teach himself how to code an internet webpage. If Engelbart could see the progress we have made with computers he would be astonished at the accessibility that we have achieved.


While reading through others blogs I found a couple that connected to my thoughts, Waldo talked about how new inventions are created through new thoughts and imaginations. It kind of connects to my idea of how far we have come technology wise. This post from another class mentioned how Engelbart imagined word processors in the most basic form when now we have really advanced editing programs like Microsoft Word and Photoshop. This Blogger also mentioned how we are getting essentially dumber as more information is presented to us which I find funny. Here, a student recognizes the fact that our situation is getting more complex as technology gets bigger, which I find true because we do focus on social media a lot and what others think of us making our lives more complicated. This post really spoke to me because they talk about how we don’t really think outside the box about certain things and we limit ourselves to what school teaches us.


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