And then there were TWO librarians…

With so many inquiry projects really getting under way, your fearless professors have decided it was time for some additional research backup, in the form of a second librarian. My job, like my fellow librarian Jenny’s, is to make sure you’re able to find, evaluate, and put to use the best information possible for your inquiry projects.

Y’all have probably already Jenny’s brilliant and hilarious posts about how you can really get the ball rolling with the research process. I might as well just come clean and admit that I’m not as funny as she is. I’m literally sitting her pondering how I can possibly top a blog post that gracefully connects three-toed sloths and learning processes… and I have concluded that I cannot.

So, let me just introduce myself, instead. 🙂  I’m Laura, and I’m a librarian at VCU.  Jenny and I are here to help you find and make good use of the info you need for your inquiry projects, whether we track it down through VCU Libraries, through freely available information online, or a million other ways. We spend our days professionally helping people engage with information, so don’t hesitate to contact us any way you see fit.  You may find us trolling around on Twitter and the #thoughtvectors blogs, too. I’ll also toss up a couple of research tips and tricks along the way.

Contact me anytime!

Laura | @laurawgariepy |