Teaching Roles

My course module is centered on a short unit about Solutions.  The unit was designed to be almost entirely online.  Having read the articles on teaching roles in online courses I really had to stop and think about the module I have built thus far.  I will certainly have a Pedagogical Role as the designer of the module.  I have organized the content introduction and a mix of activities so that they link to real-world applications at the end.  The students will be given the criteria by which they will be evaluated.  I will certainly be giving feedback as the students will be submitting assignments and taking a test at the end of the unit.  I will have a limited role as a facilitator online as the course will have some dialogue between students but most of that will take place in class when we have our unit ending solutions lab.

As for a Social Role, at this point in the school year my students have built a rapport with me and their peers.  We did start off the year with an online introduction that they submitted through Schoology.  The students also work with lab partners each week which helps to bring about dialogue among themselves.  My social role will be more of a “cheerleader” when they are struggling with the math concepts in the unit.  As Vygotsky said  the teacher becomes a “guide on the side” rather than a content provider.

The Managerial Role works hand in hand with the Pedagogical Role.  Organizing the flow of learning  in a clear and concise manner is very important in learning.  As a classroom teacher I spend a good bit of time planning as I want my lessons and activities to flow from lesson to activity and from day to day.  In this solutions module I made sure that the content built upon itself and concluded with an activity that concluded with real-world examples.  As for being a conference manager, I will have deadlines to assure that the students don’t wait until the last day to complete the entire module.  There will be some peer review at the end about the samples that each student submitted about real-world connections.  I will set guidelines ahead of time as to how to make constructive comments, etc.

The last role, the Technical Role, is somewhat limited in this module.  I will give students directions for working through the interactive labs that are being used in the lessons.  I will troubleshoot when students are having difficulty  with virtual labs.  The Schoology LMS has worked well with my students as it seems to have very few technological glitches.  Most often, when students are having difficulties with an online quiz or viewing a video, they are using their phones.  Not all virtual activities are HTML compliant and the students don’t know enough about the technology that they are using  to know when they need to use a computer or to change settings, etc.  The short video clips and  virtual activities that I selected are simple so they are very simple to use and will open on most devices.  At this point I am mostly an integrator of technology developed by others.


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  1. Lynn,
    I agree that those of us that have already developed a relationship with our students in the classroom, will have a different type of Social Role than those teachers that have a purely online class. I would have a difficult time with the social role if I did not have that face to face time.

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