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Project End Point

The module on solutions that I am building in still incomplete. There are a total of 5 lessons and I have worked on 3 of the 5 thus far. I do intend to finish the module. My classes study solutions in late April so I have time to continue looking for virtual lab activities to enhance the learning experience. Over the weekend I found a great virtual activity that ties together lessons 3 and 4. I included this virtual activity link in lesson 4 and am putting together a lab sheet to go with the activity so that the students will have a good lab report to review prior to the unit test. If this class was entirely online the students would be keeping a lab journal throughout the course. In developing these lessons I realized how much instruction I give verbally in class/in lab and how much clarification I provide as I circulate during lab. It takes quite a bit of time to provide detailed instructions as the students won’t have me by their side to answer any questions.

As for feedback, I would like to know whether the sequence of lessons seems logical. I would also like to know whether the directions are clear and concise. I always look forward to any feedback. The remaining feedback will come from my students when I beta test this with them in the spring. Adults tend to read directions before proceeding where students turn to the data chart and wonder why they can’t figure out what to do next.

Lastly, in developing our modules I had a goal of building something useful for my class. I also wanted to integrate technology as 21st century learning goals push students towards more virtual learning and analysis of data. I do think that what I have built to date has pushed me in this direction. I have stretched myself in terms of using virtual applications while spending hours looking for newer and better activities than I have used in the past. If the goal for developing our modules was personal growth, planning lessons in the digital world, and sharing with others I feel as though I have done a good job.