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But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising.

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Final Inquiry Project– Here is the link to my final inquiry project.

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Groupthink in Beta – This persons inquiry project is clear. It addresses the problem of whether or not the educational system should be updated due to the fact that technology is on the rise. Specific problems are brought into question, such as email slowly declining, and social media replacing it. It appears that this person addresses the […]

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Some Assembly Required

Source: Alexandra Carmichael. Quantified Self Labs. Claim:Tracking technologies help people to maintain and improve wellness. Rob Portil used a tracking device called the Fit Bit to track the amount of calories he burned, and to track his quality of sleep. He was also able to track his weight and the calories that he was consuming […]

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Inquiry Project Beta This is my blog so far strictly in rough draft form. I will be talking about my other claims as well, because I only have 2 of my claims addressed so far. I will also be embedding videos and pictures to support my claims, and I will be adding an edited bibliography.

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