Augmenting Human Intellect

 “The human mind neither learns nor acts by large leaps, but by steps organized or structured so that each one depends upon previous steps.” -Augmenting Human Intellect:A Conceptual Framework-Douglas C. Engelbart

This article was very complex, and sophisticated. A lot of it was somewhat difficult to follow, but this quote really resonated with me. This statement explains how structures shape who we are. Everything we do results from a process, and if we didn’t have structure we would collapse. This is proven in the concept of practice. If we keep training ourselves to follow a certain pattern, we will continue to grow and adapt. After that, we can continue to improve and excel. This is what will need to be done in order to augment the human intellect. We will have to implement a structured approach, and this will be extremely important if we hope to advance technologically. We will need to be able to handle more complex problems and situations so that we will be able to engineer and develop new things. This will be beneficial in case we have to deal with artificial intelligence that malfunctions.

“Someone may have been able to engineer a device like the Ipad in the past, but it wouldn’t have been mass produced efficiently because there wouldn’t have been enough people and tools to rely on. The money used for production would have far exceeded the gain.”

This comment came from my first “As we may think” post. Augmenting human intellect could potentially increase mass production to an astounding rate even faster. If we structure our brains to become more efficient, we will be able to rely on less people and spend less money on production. The world economy could make a drastic change, and advanced technology could very well be the norm.

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