Groupthink in Beta

– This persons inquiry project is clear. It addresses the problem of whether or not the educational system should be updated due to the fact that technology is on the rise. Specific problems are brought into question, such as email slowly declining, and social media replacing it. It appears that this person addresses the issue of whether or not social media would prove to be more efficient than email when it comes to communicating with students in the educational system. More sources could certainly be used, and the claim seems to be somewhat unclear. The question is asked about whether or not the educational system should be updated, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific claim written. There also isn’t a works cited page, but i’m sure that this is currently being worked on. The most important thing for this person to consider at this point is to work on adding more supporting claims.

– This persons inquiry project contains a lot of good ideas about what she is going to talk about for her inquiry project. The purpose of her inquiry project is clear, because she explains why she thinks that doctors should use Ipad’s. She laid out a plan for how she will be constructing her project, and it seems to be very well put together. Videos and photos will be used to show examples, and support the evidence that she gives. She could use more supporting claims as to why the Ipad is beneficial, and i’m assuming that this will be addressed when she gathers more evidence. I also don’t see a specific thesis statement. However, the general topic is very debatable, and is a very important issue. There isn’t a bibliography, but she stated that this will be completed. The most important thing that needs to be considered at this point is to have a clear thesis statement, and supporting claims that address a specific thesis.


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