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I mentioned in my last blog (I think) that I was taking 5 out of my 6 courses for this semester online. I decided for this week to talk about that, since like I said before, I’m sure most of you take a majority of your classes physically on-campus. If you have never taken an online course before, or haven’t taken one since high school, I hope this blog will show you a little bit of what its like!

On days when I don’t have UNIV 112, I get up around 11 or 12 (I know that’s late; see my post about my sleep schedule for more details). But I don’t start doing my work right at noon. I will generally just live my life and do whatever until around 7:30 or 8pm. I personally work better at night (I think), so I usually wait until then to work on my classes. I also usually only work on one class per night, because I personally feel like I work better when I am able to just hone in on one particular topic/subject rather than doing a bunch of subjects in one day.

At the beginning of the semester, I would start my week on Sundays by doing a few lessons in HUMS 202 (Choices in a Consumer Society). However, I already finished my coursework for that class (as it is given to us in full at the beginning of the semester), so I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Now, I start my weeks on Monday usually by working on URSP 102 (Human Geography). This course is asynchronous, however the professor only opens tests, quizzes, etc. to be done anytime on MONDAY. I usually devote the most time on Mondays to that course because of it. For this course, I really do not get to pace myself well, however the work is still really light in my opinion.

On Tuesdays, I usually do my INTL 151 (Global Communications) work. This class is my class with the most work to do, so Tuesdays are usually pretty busy for me. Luckily, however, it is still very manageable, and I am able to get the work done as long as I stay on task. Since this class releases content weekly, I am a bit limited to how I am able to pace myself.

Wednesdays are usually SOCY 101 (Intro to Sociology) days, because every few weeks I have one part of my coursework due on Wednesday. This class is not very time-consuming in my opinion, partially because all I usually have to do is read and respond to a video discussion board. There are other things sometimes, however I have found that they are never too hard or time-consuming. This course also releases content weekly, however there isn’t always something to turn in like INTL 151.

Thursdays are usually my HIST 103 (Survey of American History) days. This is my second most time-consuming course after INTL 151, mostly because there is no recorded lecture like there are in the other courses. This means that I do not have a guide of what to pay attention too in the textbook, so I have to read carefully and hope I remember as much as possible for the quiz. Luckily, however, this course posts content in four quarters, so I am able to really pace myself however I want.

That leaves Fridays free for me to catch up on anything I missed during the week or so I have time to give myself my own three-day weekend, or the time to go to my CLUAC meetings without worrying about whether I will make it from the other building in time. Although I know online classes aren’t for everyone, I really think they’re a good option for people who are self-motivated and want to get their gen-eds over with in an easy way. My only wish was that more classes were available online, or that there were more seats available for the courses that already have online sections.

If you are in an online class, how do you manage your time with that class? If you don’t take any online classes, would you ever consider taking one?

6 thoughts on “How I Manage My Online Classes

  1. I really like that you have devoted a specific day of the week to a single class. I feel as though that was a very smart decision to manage your workload. I currently have the online course Choices in a Consumer Society as well. It is the first online class that I have taken while being at VCU and I hope it will be the last online class that I will have to take. From that statement you could probably infer that I am not fond of online classes. I would take an in class course over an online course any day. However, I am happy that you have had a more enjoyable experience with the online courses that you are currently enrolled in and I hope it continues to be that way for you! Best of luck.

  2. I also consider myself a self-learner/motivator; I sort of forgot that you could take classes online during the semester, I guess I’ve never thought about it. I think I personally would benefit from taking online classes and will definitely look into them for next semester.
    I actually plan on taking UNIV 200 online this summer, to get it out of the way and so next semester I can focus more on my science/math classes.
    Although this semester I’m not taking online classes, I do have some tips about managing time. For me, I “trick” myself with homework and convince myself they’re due that day instead of the next day. Doing this I’m able to accomplish that task faster, and find myself left with more time for myself. It is hard to get into this mindset, but for me it’s gotten easy.

  3. I think it’s very cool that you’re taking all your classes online. Not many people can take online classes because one has to have great self-motivation to succeed in these classes. I personally, a procrastinator would do better in physical class as opposed to online classes because I usually wait till last minute to do my work. Also, online classes require one to be very organized and have great time management skills. I wish that all my classes were online because I would get more sleep and it’s just more convenient. Also, like you, I work better at night and with online classes, one can work in their own pace and whenever they would like. Overall, I think online classes are great, however, I would not be as successful taking them.

  4. I am honestly impressed that you are able to learn from a computer. Personally, I cannot learn from a computer I lose focus way to easy and end up scrolling through Instagram for hour upon hours. Being in a physical classroom allows me to immerse myself in the work and focus on what is being taught. Sadly, I do have to take some online classes as two of my courses aren’t offered in a physical setting, and they are major requirements for me. But these two courses are very easy as I am just learning how to use Microsoft’s office programs and I took a course in high school that did the exact same thing for me!

  5. This was very interesting to me because I do not know of anyone that would take all online classes. I also have the Choices in a Consumer Society class and it is my only online class. I personally do not think I would be able to manage being in only online classes. Not necessarily because of time management, but because I like to be with others in a classroom setting. The one benefit I do see is not having to get up early and get ready to go to class, but besides that I feel like I would struggle. It seems like you have it well organized which is really awesome! I am also glad that you have the option to take all online courses since I know that some people do have issues with being physically in classes. For you it seems as if you have had a great experience so far and I hope everything continues to go well! Have an awesome semester!

  6. I too, take online classes but I must say, I am very impressed at how you divide your time between each class. I agree that online classes are not for everyone but I actually enjoy mine. You can work on your own time and not have to wake up early which is a big plus for me. I have recently invested in a planner because I found that I was not good at keeping up with all of my online assignments in my head. I think that it is cool that you have specific days where you work on one class I may have to take a page or two out of your book.

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