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So, I have the tendency to not like to try anything new. It’s probably because I have some sort of anxiety that always builds up right before I do something. I don’t really get out much, either, so trying something new just ends up being a difficult situation for myself and everyone involved. Despite this, there have been a few times where I have been able to try something new, whether I liked it or not in the end.

I rode my first “real” roller coaster this summer at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. I have difficulty breathing in high-wind situations, which is why I usually am not willing to try anything that will involve a lot of wind blowing on my face. However, I noticed that the coaster I wanted to ride, Wild Mouse (I think that’s what its called), was relatively tame and had no loops or harsh drops. Now that I think about it, the short line should have been a sign that I was going to hate it. Me and my friends, Olivia and Taylor, piled into the cart and got on the ride. It was terrible. It didn’t feel like a roller coaster, it felt like you were driving on a cobblestone road in the mountains, making the sharpest turns possible as you were barely held in by a lap belt. Needless to say, I didn’t ride anything for the rest of the day.

Another thing I tried more recently and actually liked was trying to like one K-Pop group. My friend, Delaney, is absolutely obsessed with K-Pop, while I generally did not like it. As someone who is Korean and is constantly surrounded by Korean people talking about Korean culture, you’d think I’d have exposure to more recent K-Pop music. However, before recently, the only K-Pop I had heard was back in 20011. I know for a fact music in 2011 is very different from the music now, both in Western countries and in K-Pop. Since my friend was desperate for me to try a K-Pop group, I allowed her to introduce one to me, which was 이달의 소녀, otherwise known in English speaking countries as LOONA. I actually kind of like it, probably because they have a wide variety of genres for each of their songs. I also find them to have the most interesting choreography and stage presence of all of the groups that I know of. So, now I like them.

I really do think trying things is great, but it’s really difficult to get started in trying something new. I really hope to try other things in the future, especially food. I am an extremely picky eater. I eat the same five meals every day, most that I have eaten since I was really young. I really would like to try foods from other countries, especially Korean and Hispanic food. They look really good, but I never try them because I’m worried that I won’t like it, even though the negative effect only really lasts a few moments at most. I really hope I can get over my anxiety of trying things and really start to expand my horizons in various ways.

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  1. I’m usually up for trying new things, but it’s mostly because I’m a people pleaser. I feel peer pressured into most of the things I try, but I do have a limit (if I don’t agree in something others are doing, most likely I won’t do it). When I was little I wasn’t much to branch out to try new foods. Now I’ve found the more people pressure me to try unfamiliar foods, the more I’m likely to try new things on my own. I used to hate burgers because I would only put ketchup on it and I didn’t like the extra condiments/toppings separately so I assumed I wouldn’t like them together either. Then a friend challenged me to try a burger with everything on it, to make them happy/not back down to a challenge, I ate the burger. I loved it and burgers are amazing now.

  2. I have a hard time trying new things too. I also hardly go out and enjoy myself because I am so consumed in school work. I always want to go out and do things like recently I really wanted to go to a trampoline park, but last time I went I broke my foot so I changed my mind and stayed home instead. I’m really a home body and just want to stay in, unless it is nice outside. My favorite thing to do is go to the beach, but since there isn’t a beach here in Richmond, I can’t do that. I think that the cold weather has really gotten to me and made me hibernate, which is awful, I know.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! (I also hate roller coasters that are insanely huge with loops.) But I would like to add that I also am weary of trying new things. It usually takes some encouragement from some of my friends for me to follow through with something like riding a new roller coaster for example.
    Another thing that I found interesting about your blog is that you are getting into K-Pop. I am not into it but I am trying to learn Korean because I plan on going to Seoul sometime soon. Would you recommend K-Pop as a way to learn the language? Thanks again for sharing, have a good Friday!

    1. Hey! I don’t recommend ONLY using K-Pop to learn Korean. This is because, like in western songs, they can twist the grammar around to create rhymes. However, I think it is a good resource to practice listening comprehension. I’m currently using Sejong Hakdang’s Korean curriculum to learn Korean. I like it because it has both vocabulary and grammar in one. I’ll link it here:

      I use the standard curriculum, but I think theres other curriculums for different ways to learn on the site! There’s also tons of resources on YouTube, and the grammar on is really good!

      Good luck learning Korean!

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