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Hi everyone ! My name is Mackenzie or you can call me Mack. This class has me very excited because I’ve been wanting to take blogging on as a hobby. This class is the perfect push to really dive into learning about blogging! I love to travel- I want my next place to be Indonesia. I am learning Spanish. I chose to become a teacher for many reasons- travel, making a change, being creative. I’d love to exchange numbers or emails with some classmates in order to feel connected to the class and being able to talk and ask questions. So just comment below ((((:

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  1. Hey Mackenzie! I really resonated with why you chose to become a teacher. I’m open to connecting with our classmates; we can start a GroupMe chat if that’s something everyone is interested in! I’ve also been learning Italian in my spare time, or perhaps it’s best I say that I’ve been trying to lol. How long have you been learning Spanish? Also, what are some of the most memorable places you have traveled?

    • YESSSSS lets start a group me. I’m not the best at doing stuff like that, but I can give you my number to add it. Italian that’s interesting, what made you choose that language?

      And most memorable…? Definitely Puerto Rico was the most memorable, but Turkey was great too.

  2. Hi Mackenzie! Good luck with your Spanish! I’m currently a spanish minor but hopefully will be close to fluent after I finish! I also love to travel which is one of the reasons I think teaching is a great career! I’m in the process of planning out my summer which hopefully will include teaching English in Guatemala!
    I also would be down to do a groupme so we can all connect! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  3. I love the idea of you guys starting a chat group!

    Mackenzie, my wife’s parents were both from Spain, so we travel there often for weddings, etc. (sadly, my spanish is aweful). A few years ago we traveled to the Basque region in Northern Spain, and it has become my favorite place on earth.

  4. Hey, Mackenzie!
    I am really excited for this course as well because I have always wanted to try out a blog! Please let me know if someone starts a GroupMe because I would love to connect with my classmates so we can support one another this semester!

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