Mackenzie Miller

  • What is TPACK?

TPACK stands for Technological knowledge , Pedagogical knowledge, and Content knowledge. The TPACK framework was designed to use the combination of all three knowledges to create the most efficient approach to teaching, rather than relying on one technique.

  • What are your first impressions of TPACK?

My first impression of TPACK was that it is a helpful guide for teachers that encourages differentiation in the classroom. It is important to not rely solely on technology to complete tasks, but this day in age it is essential to integrate it into the school system in order to prepare children for the many jobs that require technological skills.

  • How do you think this theory will be useful to you as a teacher?

This theory helps set children up for success by exposing them to different ways of learning. Many times students think they are not capable because they “fail” to grasp an idea from a certain way it was taught, but TPACK approach gives hope to all different types of learners – kinesthetic, readers, writers, auditorial.

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