Week 7 – SOL and advanced activities



First grade SOL // Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change 1.7

The student will investigate and understand weather and seasonal changes. Key concepts include

a) changes in temperature, light, and precipitation affect plants and animals, including humans;

b) there are relationships between daily and seasonal changes; and

c) changes in temperature, light, and precipitation can be observed and recorded over time.


Activity 1- Students should be able to understand precipitation and temperature patterns and that they are capable of changing throughout the week.


Technology: Discovery Science Beta


Description: Using Discovery Science Beta, the student will record themselves evaluating the weather for the week Monday – Sunday. Telling the audience the average temperature for each day this week and what the predicted precipitation will be for each day.


Assessment: Formative


Previous Readings: This assignment provides embedded assessments because educators can see evidence of students thinking during the learning process and provide feedback immediately.


Activity 2-

Technology: Google Drawings


Description: Using google drawings, the student will be able to create a poster and provide a picture of that describes the following words- Sunny, foggy, raining, windy, cloudy, and snowy.


Assessment: Summative


Previous Readings: This assignment talks about technology bringing more options to the students. For instance if this assignment was done by hand then they only have the option to draw, but with the google app they can draw, use google images, or clip art.




Second Grade Social Studies SOL 2.4


The student will describe how the contributions of selected individuals changed the lives of Americans, with emphasis on

a) Christopher Columbus;

b) Benjamin Franklin;

c) Abraham Lincoln;

d) George Washington Carver;

e) Helen Keller;

f) Thurgood Marshall;

g) Rosa Parks;

h) Jackie Robinson;

i) Cesar Chavez; and

j) Martin Luther King, Jr.


Activity 1- The student should be able to understand the contributions given to the US from Americans and how these individuals changed lives.


Technology: Seasaw


Description: Using Seasaw, students will be able to make a profile of an American whose role played an important part in US history. In this portfolio, they will act as the American and tell of the characteristics of the American along with their major contributions and pictures.


Assessment: Summative


Activity 2- The student should be about to understand major speeches and words of important American figures.


Technology: PhotoSpeak


Description: The student will pick a photo of an important American figure. Using this photo with PhotoSpeak, it will allow the student to make the picture 3D, as well as being able to make the avatar repeat their every word. This is the perfect app to allow them to show their knowledge on American figures and important speeches and words they have said.


Assessment: Summative



Second Grade Physical Education (Energy Balance)  SOL 2.5


The student will describe the energy intake components of energy balance and physical health and development.

a) Explain that dairy is important for bone growth.

b) Identify examples of healthy snacks.

c) Identify different hydration choices.

d) Explain that choosing nutritious foods and being physically active are components of being healthy.


Activity 1


Technology: Google Slides


Description: Using the google slides, the students should be able to show through the slides their knowledge of gaining energy through foods and physical activity. They can add slides labeling healthy snacks, hydration choices, and physical activity available.


Assessment: Formative


Activity 2-


Technology: Adobe Spark


Description: In this activity using adobe spark, the student can make an infographic/pamphlet that will educate others in their class about energy balance and how food and exercise affect that.


Assessment: Formative

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