Twitter Blog Post – Step 4

Twitter Chats Blog Post

Obstacles of twitter chats: Misinterpreting tone over the text can be very nerve wrecking when talking about controversial topics, nervous to engage, losing WiFi service over the chat, having to be grammatically correct, getting too much information to absorb at once

Learned from the twitter chat:  I participated in #edtechchat on Monday night and learned a few things to say the least. I learned how the Twitter chat works (I never had a twitter before). I got to witness the wide range of opinions of educators. Most of the comments pertained to the pros of out technology based educational system at the moment. I had the chance to witness through messages how overwhelmed some of the educators were in the beginning of the pandemic.

Tips for beginners: Choose the right hashtag for the discussions you want to witness, arrive before the chat begins to give time to prepare and be ready to take notes, introduce yourself, have your questions ready to go, know you can retweet your favorite responses.

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