Dates: May 10- May 16, 2021 (Week 16)

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn about digital literacy and why it is matters in our careers.
  • Students will display competency in a form of social media called Instagram to collaborate and communicate with the teaching and educational community.

Weekly Message: This week, we will focus on the importance of making connections and collaborating through social media, specifically Instagram. After learning about the significance and benefits of developing a community within social media, we will actually create our own Instagram and build our professional profile.



  • Start by clicking here to watch this video on digital literacy and why it matters.


  • Click here to listen to Maha Bali speak about why digital collaboration works really well.
    • As you are listening to this 40 minutes podcast on Teaching In Higher Education, think about how you can relate to her experiences. Think about how culture affects education.
    • When you finish the podcast scroll down the page until you see the question “ARE YOU ENJOYING THE SHOW?”. Click on the button that says “Send Feedback” right below, then complete and submit your feedback to Maha Bali’s podcast.
  • Check out this article here called 7 Ways Teachers Are Connecting and Collaborating Online.
    • As you read through the article, notice the three questions the K-12 Education team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were pondering on after seeing the rise in teacher-created modes of professional development. At the bottom of the article, answer your thoughts on those three questions in the “LEAVE A REPLY” section.
        1. What if it became standard practice for all new teachers to enter the profession with a professional learning network beyond their school to support their instructional and emotional needs?
        2. Could an interactive, online teacher-to-teacher network be more effective at spreading good practices and effective teaching tools than traditional “sit and get” professional development models?
        3. Would teachers in a teacher-to-teacher community be more motivated or feel more equipped to take on new leadership challenges and create positive change in their schools and districts—not just in their own classrooms?

The activities listed above should be completed by FRIDAY MAY 14th @ 11:59pm. 


  • After hearing an open-minded professional speak on the topic of collaboration, reading the article of how teachers are starting to connect more through collaboration, and understanding the importance of digital learning you will now create your own social media account on Instagram. (NOTE: You cannot use an existing Instagram account. You will need to make a NEW account.)
    • Click here for IPhone or Android.
    • Click here for computer or laptop.

NOTE: If you have prior knowledge of creating an Instagram account, you may skip this tutorial.

  • Once you have created your account, click here and pick three of the twenty-five accounts listed throughout this website. Once you have your choices, type their usernames into the search bar on the bottom left of Instagram and click the “Follow” button their page.
  • Explore these three teacher accounts.
  • Next, you will make a post in the discussion board with your answers to the questions below. Don’t forget to provide your username. 
    1. What were your reasons for choosing these three accounts?
    2. While exploring their pages, what are some things that caught your eye?
    3. Has this lesson on digital literacy and collaboration made you interested in starting your own teacher account with videos and advice on Instagram? Why or why not?

This assessment should be due no later than SUNDAY MAY 16th @ 11:59pm.

NOTE: Don’t forget to have some fun with this assessment. Pick a fun username and a profile picture of your choosing. Don’t be afraid to explore more than what is assigned in this lesson!




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