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My name is Maddi Knight and I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at VCU. Through years as a patient in various PT clinics and student clinical experiences, I have seen the power of  treating patients beyond the site of their pain. I aspire to view each patient as a whole person and to not only provide rehabilitation, but to also foster joy in individuals being able to move freely. I aim to provide mental and emotional support within my scope of practice that will motivate patients to achieve the highest quality of life possible within their circumstances.

As a former collegiate cross-country/track athlete and a life-long runner, I am passionate about the overall health of children, and the essential role that sports can play in growth and development. This has lead me to be interested in both pediatric and sports PT. Regardless of the path I end up on, my goal is to be a positive role model that inspires individuals to enjoy physical activity, instills healthy habits in their lives, and encourages them to accomplish what they once believed was not possible.

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