Associate Trails Comparisons

Generally speaking my associative trails were very similar to others. With Mahsa’s ( trail, for this particular assignment I was the polar opposite. I stayed away from Tumblr and I focused on the task at hand. With Lina’s ( trail, I was basically on the same track as her during the assignment. Stayed close to the trail, neither of us wandered off the dirt road and into the woods this time. With Jamie’s ( trail, there was an immediate connection with one of my general practices during my research – opening a multitude of tasks. For both of us it definitely helps with the research process, and I also see it as more of an organization technique.

My initial text could be understood by a variety of different minds and thought processes and spit out with a different perspective each time. Also, someone else may have thought that my examples were not clear enough, or were not enough in there entirety, and therefore would have different thoughts on what should be the examples for other readers.

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