Project Prospectus

What I have observed so far is that brain games show promise for improvement of key areas of the mind. Speed, problem solving, and memory are just a few of those key areas. The significance of brain games is that we can use the same type of technology that is putting our brains in a state of dormancy to sharpen them. Brain games can be formatted and accessed through all different types of technology convenient to the user and allow them to keep their brain on its feet.

So far I have found that those who do utilize brain games generally see a difference in mental processes. There is a lot of research out there on memory because that is the area that is the most affected in most people. Memory games force the brain to hold onto information given to them in a short period of time. This requires the brain to compensate for the new activity, and eventually improving memory. The reason these games work is that many people have competitiveness in them. It drives them to do well and beat the game, keeping them coming back to train their brains.

The most important thing to understand about my findings is that brain games are helping our minds. In this technological era where we are not taught how to let go of our phones and computers and give our brains a rest. We do not stimulate many parts of our brain which are useful and we should be more mindful and give our minds more time.

I want to show others that it is really important to keep our brains in shape with all this technology we use that doesn’t do much good for it. I want to show people that you can have fun and improve brain function at the same time and that you should do it. Brain games could change the way we don’t think. It’s important for us to realize that our brains are more than just an organ and that computers sometimes aren’t that helpful.

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