Personal Dynamic Media Nugget

“We would like the Dynabook to have the flexibility and
generality of this second kind of item, combined with tools
which have the power of the first kind. Thus a great deal of
effort has been put into providing both endless possibilities
and easy tool-making through the Smalltalk programming

I know another type of book that has a lot of flexibility in its abilities – my Chromebook. My interpretation of this nugget directly correlates with the many uses of technology. Lets take a computer for an example. You can write papers, create presentations, do your taxes, design a website, make videos, etc. There are many uses of today’s technology. If technology has the power to cause changes in brain chemistry and lax brain function, it also has the ability to help reverse these effects via brain games that can be programmed into our computers, downloaded, or accessed through the internet.

Just like the intended flexibility of the Dynabook, technology can be both our downfall and our fortune. The key is to use all aspects in moderation.

EDIT: Morganne’s post mentions how the consistency of our technology is important. I think this goes hand in hand with my post about flexibility of technology. We could also add the fluidity and domino effect technology and the internet has. This entire recipe makes for some advanced gadgets that we should keep an eye on and refrain from every now and again.
Mahsa’s post talks about the intense integration of computer systems in our lives today. From homework to social media, use of the internet and the technology associated with it has become an extreme. Her post only proves that we must take time out to rejuvenate and repair the brain.
Lina’s post brings up various social media sites that correspond with the flexibility of the Dynabook, as well as my own post. Whereas Lina can utilize the flexibility of technology to create, share, and promote music, I can utilize the flexibility of technology to promote brain repair and strengthening.

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