My concept experience and nugget were on the same wavelength on how we can utilize all this technology to help improve brain performance and function.

Lina’s post deals with expansion in the Hip Hop world that correlates to my post with the expansion of brain games from just the internet. Of course in this country, bigger is better. The more we have of something is also better. I don’t see why this wouldn’t transfer over in the future.
Kahn’s post is about building upon a foundation of prior knowledge. In general, it’s also about expansion in the future. More information taking us more places.
Cabo’s post talks about the different routes that Facebook as a social media website could take in the next 10 years. All different possibilities are hashed out from the decline to complete revamping of real world relationships. Cabo’s post resonates with mine when they mention how Facebook will ultimately end up closer to us in some way or another with gives me another reason to advocate for the integration of brain games in our daily lives.

It’s evident that when talking about the future, most everyone’s idea has in common the fact of expansion. This all makes sense when speaking about the future anyways, so technically speaking I guess they are all categorically similar in the essence of ever expanding technology. However our technology and our resources and archives expand, so will our uses and extensions of that technology.

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