Fellowship of the Sources

Increasingly, scientific evidence tells us that we can dramatically increase the probability of staying mentally and physically fit throughout our lives. Specifically for the brain, we can do this by brain training. Brain training keeps the brain stimulated and ready for apt function. The best way to ‘brain train’ is to use brain games that are designed to workout parts of our brain that deteriorate the most rapidly due to stress, less use, and age. These regions include but are certainly not limited to memory, problem solving, and attention.

As I mentioned earlier, cognitive decline can stem from a variety of day to day occurrences, as well as natural occurrences, such as aging. In a study done on the elderly, results proved that brain games did indeed show “that playing Brain Age for 4 weeks lead to improved cognitive functions (executive functions and processing speed) in the elderly.” Of course, this is only a short term solution. But if in this short amount of time our elderly are improving, think of how quickly our young adults could improve! Also, improving these games themselves can provide long term cognitive benefits for all brains of all ages. This is the new neuroscience.

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