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1. Brain games typically sound like childs play to those who hear that it is used for improving brain function. People usually scoff at them. What brains actually aim to do is improve cognitive function by engaging certain parts of the brain such as memory and problem solving areas, and giving them a workout, video game style.

2. People usually associate the stigma behind regular old video games, without realizing that these brain games are specifically designed to train the mind and stimulate neuroplasticity. The reason this is a huge problem to me is that people refuse to take these games seriously. They don’t think any good will come from them, and therefore it is a huge waste of time. I see no bad in this, you’re having a good time relaxing and playing a game, while training and stimulating parts of your brain that most likely need it in this day and age.

3. Most research vouches for brain games and brain training. I have seen more positive results for the elderly. This is still great to hear because it proves that are brains do deteriorate, and they also have the room to rewire and regain neuroplasticity even in old age after years and years of life coming at it. To me, this is absolutely worth time and energy spent into helping prevent Alzheimer’s and could possibly keep our elderly employed longer in fields that require intensive problem solving.

4. Brain games and brain training are the future for the longevity and improvement of cognitive function. People should embrace brain games and be happy to be able to improve brain health by playing a game versus studying and taking exams that can track your progress. They have already embraced so much new and advanced technology with open arms, I don’t think it should be too hard to allow a new type of video game into their lives.

5. I wish to address why and how mental decline occurs and show how brain games can help reverse this decline. The support I have includes studies done to see just how effective brain games truly are at improving cognitive function and reversing cognitive decline. Executive functions and neuroplasticity of the brain are also looked at and the science behind the brain and brain games can help us understand how brain games are helping us now, and how they can be improved to continue to help us in the future.

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