Groupthink in Beta

It’s clear Mahsa’s inquiry project is about internet anonymity. There are different angles to this problem that Mahsa clearly addresses in her project. I think the significance and debatable aspects of this topic are huge and can be greatly elaborated on.
There is a lot of evidence that Mahsa presents, and it is plain to see that she has done her homework. The evidence she uses she analyzes and elaborates on which makes the topic at hand even clearer.
I didn’t see a bibliography or works cites attached, but Mahsa did correctly link to her sources in her project.
Mahsa’a main claim is how internet anonymity is affecting the way we use the internet. From cyberbullying to cat-fishing, internet anonymity plays a big role in the use of present day World Wide Web.
I honestly think Mahsa did a great job and I enjoyed reading about her project. I don’t think much else needs to be done, except maybe a proofread to fix some grammar issues. Other than that, it’s awesome. I forgot how detrimental internet anonymity can be to our lives.

Another internet topic, Jamie’s website focuses on the deep web, a part of the web world most regular users do not see, and technically should not interact or interfere with. This in itself is the problem Jamie brings up in her inquiry project. It is very carefully and thoughtfully described and elaborated upon and really intrigues me as a reader.
Jamie uses a large amount of evidence, clearly showing that she has done her research as well. This is one of those tricky topics though, so while finding sources should not be the problem, finding reputable sources seems like something she may have come across quite a bit.
Sources are correctly cited in what I believe to be APA format. They are linked as well as in parentheses at the end of the evidence used.
We, as internet users, are being watched and tracked with every move we make on the internet. The point of Jamie’s research is that there is no escape from it, and there is a very dark aspect to the fun loving World Wide Web we all know and love so dearly. Basically, there is no such thing as privacy on the internet.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jamie’s inquiry project. The only think I’d have to say for her to get done is just to clean up the website. The link she provided in her blog post links to what I believe was the home page that needs work done since it’s empty. The pages also should be put in order and whatnot but I guess all of that is in preparation for the final draft anyways. It was a good read and very cool to learn about this otherkin of internet.

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