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Future Thoughts

What couldn’t brain games turn into 10 years from now? We already have the Wii and Xbox Kinect that allow our body movements to be transferred on screen and processed into the video game wirelessly. Why not take our brain games and put them on a larger scale such as these inner and outer body engaging consoles?

To be honest, I think of it as a wireless console that can train you to control it with your mind but I don’t think any game could ever do that, not to mention we won’t evolve with telekinesis for quite some time. At a more realistic level, I believe the interface will become all encompassing. There will be programs built for all regions of the brain and your mind can get a serious workout. I also think we would take it to the bigger screens, going from our computers to video game style where the mind and body can be engaged simultaneously using our ever advancing technology.

Not only would there be a crossover between technology, I think in 10 years we can vamp up our computer and phone based brain games in order to curb brain deterioration or at least keep it engaged at a level where it must work to think critically while you surf social media that can alter brain chemistry. What I mean is that for specific functions on the computer, you must be able to pass a question or a mini-game geared towards optimal performance of the brain region that a social media site may target negatively. Same for our smartphones, you can’t unlock the screen or post that selfie on Instagram until your prefrontal cortex is warmed up. Therefore, we will have brain games completely ingrained and intertwined with our technology and our lives. What better way to stay hip, cool, and sharp?

I don’t believe integration of brain games would have limitations as much as it would receive backlash. I don’t think many people would like the idea of having to do more work to open an app or check their Facebook just because they’re lazy or they don’t care for it. I think a lot of government NSA brainwash type conspiracies would pop up and people may boycott certain appliances, although that may be much, much harder to do in 10 years, seeing as how our lives already evolve around technology. I think the integration would be a great idea. I think that we could get a LOT more information on brain function through these games and you can only improve the games based on feedback and the research that can be gathered through the use of the games.

The complexity of the human mind is so intense and uninterpreted, obtaining data from every computer or smartphone holder would be another step forward for our researchers and possibly enhancing our brains with more effective methods 10 years after that.

EDIT: I wish to explore brain games as a component of the healthy lifestyle of the future because of the fact that all this new technology is making us lazier, both physically and mentally. Physically, we have so much new technology that help our bodies stay fit, such as the Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution. I want to focus on the same type of technology for our brains, seeing as how much the public loves these fitness games. Also, I believe that keeping the brain active and healthy is just as important as keeping the body active and healthy. I do believe the brain, its vastness, its insane abilities, is overlooked greatly by our populous. We could conquer so much more if we could fully understand and interpret the brain and utilize every bit of it. I think the best way to start is through these games. Remember, the brain learns through baby steps.

Concept Experience Connections

Lina’s concept experience gave me a different way to research something. She started at a website geared to provide information on her subject in the broadest manner, which she then took to Google and narrowed down to specifics. The research she conducted continued to simplify to specific hip hop artists. I believe her process will continue to be beneficial for the inquiry project, and has given a different direction to my project
Jamie’s concept experience was very, very thorough. Jamie also tied together various points of the research and related them to one another. My post was not as thorough because of limited answers, nor did it branch out like Jamie’s, which was truly an experience.
Sarah’s concept experience post was very relatable. Her research began with a specific question which led her to other questions that all related back to her main question. I believe our posts were the most similar with a starting question and the basic use of Google that led to other aspects of the research topic.

Looking back at my nugget post and my concept experience post, I believe I could have asked a better question. Relating back to my nugget, I think the types of questions I should be asking should narrow down to the man-machine concept and how our present day personalities and life structure would differ without our daily mechanical aids. I think it’s an interesting research project I could work with.

Concept Experience

Analyzing the Obvious

Mechanical aids may and should be used for efficiency of repetitive thought processes of the mind.

Research of mechanical aids led me to objects that did not necessarily pertain to just mental help. Repetition is all around us, especially in our jobs. Most mechanical aids act as double aids, combining physical and mental for maximum efficiency. This is the most important aspect of almost any job, but best associated with blue collar jobs.

Mechanical aids range anywhere from simple, almost unnecessary items, to complex time or life saving machines. Most all mechanical aids are for efficiency and/or improvement of the mind and the task at hand. A different question to ask would be if all this pressure to think and solve is put on a machine, then how is the brain staying sharp?

Most of my research came to the consequences of not using a mechanical aid at all. In this day and age, we happen to be quite dependent of our mechanical aids. The thing is that most of the mechanical aids we are dependent on are for physical means, not mental. Think about the calculator versus a jackhammer. I can see where a calculator can become detrimental to mental health, but using a jackhammer to fix roads has no impact on brain function.

My history tells me what I already know – how dry my research was. It was a basic question of how mechanical aids really help us and the hits were endless. Because of rapidly changing and growing advancements in technology, mechanical aids are a daily part of each and every persons life.

As for human-computer interaction, I typed in words into the search engine using my keyboard and out popped answers. It was incredible, fascinating. As my history filled up with every page click my knowledge grew on what it is to have mechanical aids such as laptop computers. Honestly, I think my close interaction during this assignment brought me even closer to my computer. Through the web pages and the did you means I feel a connection to my computer that is almost as strong as my wifi. We are now practically inseparable. Except I’m pretty horrified of man-machine fusions (refer to previous post) so it is a good thing I am female. What a roller coaster ride this assignment was. Exhilarating research and mechanical aid use.