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Concept Experience Connections

Lina’s concept experience gave me a different way to research something. She started at a website geared to provide information on her subject in the broadest manner, which she then took to Google and narrowed down to specifics. The research she conducted continued to simplify to specific hip hop artists. I believe her process will continue to be beneficial for the inquiry project, and has given a different direction to my project
Jamie’s concept experience was very, very thorough. Jamie also tied together various points of the research and related them to one another. My post was not as thorough because of limited answers, nor did it branch out like Jamie’s, which was truly an experience.
Sarah’s concept experience post was very relatable. Her research began with a specific question which led her to other questions that all related back to her main question. I believe our posts were the most similar with a starting question and the basic use of Google that led to other aspects of the research topic.

Looking back at my nugget post and my concept experience post, I believe I could have asked a better question. Relating back to my nugget, I think the types of questions I should be asking should narrow down to the man-machine concept and how our present day personalities and life structure would differ without our daily mechanical aids. I think it’s an interesting research project I could work with.