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Dreamers Unite

This article from the Huffington Post will give anyone a good idea of how and why technology is facilitating brain decline. In my Interpretation of Dreams post, I mentioned how multitasking through all our different technologies can impact brain function negatively. Our brain was meant to use as a whole, splitting its attention only reduces how much it could be doing at 100%.
The Department of Psychology at UCLA advises strongly against multi-tasking since it adversely affects the brain’s learning systems.
The Huffington Post has also done an article on how the internet, a product of technology, has a role in rewiring our brains.
The series Your Brain on Computers by the New York Times illustrate how technology effects the brain at the cognitive level which then translates into the real world.
Brain training is where we can get our brains back into shape and away from this technology overload.


People should want to join me in this research project because it is a very real possibility for all of us who have come up in the generation of advancing computers and calculators. To see the impact your cell phone, iPad, laptop, GPS, calculator, all affecting your brain function is something I think would be of some importance to this generation.