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Concept Experience

Analyzing the Obvious

Mechanical aids may and should be used for efficiency of repetitive thought processes of the mind.

Research of mechanical aids led me to objects that did not necessarily pertain to just mental help. Repetition is all around us, especially in our jobs. Most mechanical aids act as double aids, combining physical and mental for maximum efficiency. This is the most important aspect of almost any job, but best associated with blue collar jobs.

Mechanical aids range anywhere from simple, almost unnecessary items, to complex time or life saving machines. Most all mechanical aids are for efficiency and/or improvement of the mind and the task at hand. A different question to ask would be if all this pressure to think and solve is put on a machine, then how is the brain staying sharp?

Most of my research came to the consequences of not using a mechanical aid at all. In this day and age, we happen to be quite dependent of our mechanical aids. The thing is that most of the mechanical aids we are dependent on are for physical means, not mental. Think about the calculator versus a jackhammer. I can see where a calculator can become detrimental to mental health, but using a jackhammer to fix roads has no impact on brain function.

My history tells me what I already know – how dry my research was. It was a basic question of how mechanical aids really help us and the hits were endless. Because of rapidly changing and growing advancements in technology, mechanical aids are a daily part of each and every persons life.

As for human-computer interaction, I typed in words into the search engine using my keyboard and out popped answers. It was incredible, fascinating. As my history filled up with every page click my knowledge grew on what it is to have mechanical aids such as laptop computers. Honestly, I think my close interaction during this assignment brought me even closer to my computer. Through the web pages and the did you means I feel a connection to my computer that is almost as strong as my wifi. We are now practically inseparable. Except I’m pretty horrified of man-machine fusions (refer to previous post) so it is a good thing I am female. What a roller coaster ride this assignment was. Exhilarating research and mechanical aid use.