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In the past few weeks of class we have discussed social emotional learning, mindfulness, emotional resilience in the digital age, positive relationships, and substance use risk. All of these connect back to each other in a way because they all focus on one main thing, which is our well being. In the week of our social emotional learning we learned about being more self aware and recognizing things, self – management, being responsible when it comes to the decision making process in our lives and what will eventually better us and our life, and relationship skills. Mindfulness has been a main and recurring topic throughout this semester but we discussed it more and really focused on integrating practicing mindfulness in meditation outside of class. Our assignment was to practice mindfulness everyday for a week and then record how we felt before and after the practice. This experience really opened up my eyes to the importance of taking a few minutes out of each day to really center yourself and reconnect with the present moment. Screens and social media and the digital age was another eye opening topic in these past few weeks. During the week of class that we were challenged to put away our phones for the full 50 minute class period and not check it at all was really interesting. After each class period the challenge became easier and easier. At first, the whole time all i could think about was my phone and what messages, or posts i was missing and it sort of made me feel anxious not having it but as we got later into the week I slowly started looking forward to it because it was a nice break from everything. It made me want to continue this into my everyday life and try and take an hour or so and really disconnect from my phone and any other screen time and really focus on what is around me. The next topic we discussed are positive relationships. This topic is such an important topic to discuss especially at the ages of most of us in class. Relationships are important in every part of our lives, friends, family, companions, teachers, etc. We discussed the different major factors that go into a relationship and what can make it a positive and healthy one in your life and what key things to look for when it can be an unhealthy and toxic one. This is so important because I feel that at times we has people tend to excuse different things in our relationships to convince ourselves that everything is fine because we want to make our relationships work. Personality traits was another topic we discussed. In this we discussed the five factor model which is made up of some major personality traits. This week was later connected to substance abuse. At times substance abuse can be the result of all of the topics we discussed and can be how people cope and what they turn to as an outlet or an impulsive thing.

The one thing I have really learned so far and my biggest take away has been mindfulness. I have began trying to really incorporate it into my everyday life and prioritize it because it is so important to center yourself and bring yourself back to the present moment rather than constantly worrying and stressing about the past and future things that we are unable to control in the present moment.

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  1. I really agree with what you said about relationships! I think a lot of the times I have been in unhappy relationships, I refused to cut them off because I wanted to keep them. But I realized that if I was not happy it was not worth me to keep trying.

  2. I had a similar experience with the mindfulness exercise as you.
    Taking time to myself to just “be” without cell phone distraction was very helpful. It has also become a priority in my life.

  3. I really enjoyed your outlook on mindfulness. I completely agree that it is a very important part of life and that it is important to make time in a busy schedule for time to sit and be quiet, still, and mindful of your surroundings.

  4. I can completely relate to you in regards to trying to incorporate mindfulness in my life. I never realized how much I needed mindfulness until I began partaking in activities that helped with my overall well-being.

  5. I also noticed that it became easier to stay off my phone after doing it a few times. its also good that you’ve found a way to be more mindful as being present is always a big plus for not only your own happiness but that of the people you are with

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