Concept Experience 3

These two bloggers have started their search with “social media” but what they found during it ended up being completely different. Hector‘s search had several links related to entertainment: football, soccer, pickup trucks, and Facebook. On the other hand, Khanh’s trail focused on more serious topics like internet addiction, personality disorders and mental disorders. Notice I say “focused” because this author meant to make her search about the negative side of social media from the beginning, as she mentions on her post.

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These connections stood out to me because I love social media but I really need to stop reaching for my phone all the time. The “Fear of Missing Out” is real. And I notice this behavior on others around me all the time as well. How did we survive without knowing what everyone is up to at all times? And, most importantly, do we really need to? Sure, social media can be a great source of entertainment, just like sports are. But we can also become addicted to it and lose focus of what really matters, like paying attention to your family and friends who are sitting next to you (and not to your middle school acquaintance who just posted a great pic on Instagram). As with anything in life, social media should be used in moderation.

4 thoughts on “Concept Experience 3

  1. FOMO — wow. Never heard about this. And it’s so true.
    One of your bloggers set out to find out problems with the internet – so the search led her there. The other clicked on entertainment / sports — his interest.
    How does the image of kid on sled “swinging past” connect to your point about FOMO.

    Wonder if that can be researched (as in your Inquiry project?)

    • I liked that image because I think I need more moderation when it comes to social media – as in, not being glued to my phone all the time. I think I can relate the “not knowing moderation” to FOMO because that’s exactly what FOMO is, no moderation on social media whatsoever because you’re so afraid of being disconnected. I haven’t thought about that, but it does sound like a good idea! I can use myself as a prime example LOL 🙂

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