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I found several articles but the three ones above look more promising than the others at first glance. My revised research question is:

How have the internet, blogs and social media changed American parents’  relationships with their children and fellow parents?

I ended up having 27 searches on the database, but all were a combination of the terms parenting, parents, child rearing, internet, social media, blogs, smartphones, vaccination, vaccines, autism, family, children, teens. I always used “AND” but sometimes I alternated between search by subject and search by title.

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The most promising article on my folder is called New Parents’ Facebook Use at the Transition to Parenthood. This article investigates (and finds) exactly what I suspected about new moms using Facebook: the more they use Facebook, the more inadequate as mothers they feel. I hope I can find more articles in this area, looking specifically at the psychological consequences of using social media when it comes to parents.

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  1. What I like that you do here Marina is give me insight into your search. You say you always used AND, but sometimes you need OR for synonyms. If you search social media AND mothers you get everything written that includes BOTH terms. But maybe the article is talking about “blogs” and doesn’t use the term “social media,” — you won’t get that article in the search. So OR helps you cast your net for a bigger range:
    mother* OR parents
    AND social media OR blog* OR facebook OR twitter OR instagram
    You can try that. Then if you want to get more specific, Add AND self-confidence OR parenting OR children. Something like that. Try lots of options, and try new options as you read your articles this week and find language they use in the articles.
    Nice post! Nice start to your research!

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