Concept Experience #7 – My IP Among the Course Thinkers

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  1. On As We May Think, Vannevar Bush discusses scientific collaboration as being essential for us to continue evolving and thriving as a race. One important way that parents use the Internet today is to share tips and advice on how to help their children suffering with developmental disorders and mental illnesses to cope better with their conditions. Parents also offer each other emotional support when dealing with their child’s diagnosis.
  2. Douglas Engelbart proposed a system that would be used to “augment human intellect.” Today we have the Internet that allows us to expand our knowledge and learn anything we want, anytime we want, very similar to what Engelbart envisioned. However, as informative as the Internet is, there is still wrong ideas being disseminated through it, such as the idea that vaccines cause autism. Are these ideas augmenting human intellect?
  3. Ted Nelson’s ideas for revolutionizing education with computers can be paralleled with the main concepts behind “free-range parenting.” In both instances children are granted more freedom and autonomy to seek what they are interested in. Teachers and parents supervise and guide, but they do not constrain children as they learn how to fend for themselves in the world.

2 thoughts on “Concept Experience #7 – My IP Among the Course Thinkers

  1. YOU HAVE lots of “parent ideas” in your diagram Marina. Any of these segments will in themselves make for a good IP project — but not ALL of them, else you will be superficially hitting many topics will no real depth of exploration on any of them. Does this make sense?

    So free-range parenting, for example. Huge issue. Anti-vaccine movement — huge issue. Use of message boards for mental illness & grief — HUGE issue.

    It seems the right side — parenting on social media — best addresses the research you’ve found so far, right? Can you connect at least one of our course thinkers to that part of your diagram?

    • Well I was just brainstorming as much as possible 🙂 Right now I am more inclined towards the message boards/mental illness side of the research, there are a lot of good articles. Most of the articles I found about social media were about monitoring children and teens online and that’s not what I want to discuss. I think the right side of the tree, specifically the one with apps for baby development, can be connected to Licklider’s Man-Computer Symbiosis. To use these baby development apps moms need to input EVERY thing the child does 24/7 to monitor milestones. I read an interesting article about it once, it was scary how focused the mom was on the app and not so much on the baby. She had her nanny download the app too so she could know what the baby did during the day, and every coo and poo went into the app so she could know if her baby was “normal.” So this mom is on a symbiotic relationship with her smartphone, I’m just not sure what she’s getting out of it. I can’t find the article now 🙁 argh!

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